About project

The project applies the concept of quality of life in urban-rural planning and management.

The main objective in the project is to improve the management of quality of life in urban-rural planning.

The project will evaluate potentials for more sustainable urban-rural interactions within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Based on this the project partners produce and implement new working methods and pilot actions to promote better management of quality of life that correspond to the needs of people living in the BSR. Further, the project contributes to build up new urban-rural partnerships that will strengthen the city-regions´ organizing capacities to become more sustainable and attractive places to live in, invest and work in.

The project focuses on individual preferences and future potentials with regard to the key pillars. The project analyses (via interviews, questionnaires, workshops) the preferences of different population segments (families, entrepreneurs, retiring people) and stakeholder groups (resident associations, business associations) in urban-rural areas and compare them to the existing policies and practices. Based on these results pilot actions are defined and implemented in partner city-regions. Based on the experiences made in the piloting phase, project develops new planning tools and introduces an integrated management approach with regard to urban-rural interactions.

Project activities are divided into 5 thematic work packages:

  • Work package (WP 1): Project coordination
  • WP 2: Communication and information
  • WP 3: Potentials for quality of life in BSR city-regions
  • WP 4: Piloting actions for improved management of urban-rural interactions
  • WP 5: Multilevel cooperation for quality of life in BSR

Project in partner city-regions:

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Project teams meet with each other altogether 6 times during the project. These meetings include:

  • kick off event in Turku 3.-5.3.2009
  • 1st project work shop in Stockholm 8.-9.9. 2009
  • 2nd project work shop in Kaunas 8.-9.6. 2010
  • Partner meeting in Turku 31.1.-2.2. 2011
  • 3rd project work shop in Lower Silesia 7.-9.6 2011
  • Final conference in Hamburg, 30.11 - 1.12.2011 (open for external participants)

Each partner organizes 5 local stakeholder meetings during the project in their own city-region. These meetings are the keystone for the project implementation, for the establishment of new urban-rural partnerships and for strengthening the quality of life in urban-rural planning!