The Conference Excursion to Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

The excursion will explore the Harbour City, International Building Exhibition Hamburg 2013 and International Gardening Exhibition Hamburg 2013. During the excursion you will enjoy the breeze and variety of both sides of River Elbe, visit brown fields turned into housing areas, experience 80 Gardens Around the World representing both local and global cultural landscapes and get to know several urban development projects concerning e.g. sustainable housing, renewable energies, integration and brown field usage presented by local experts.

Description of the excursion

During the excursion we will visit several projects that are part of Hamburg’s so-called “Jump across the river Elbe” initiative which seeks to develop and improve the connection to areas located south of Hamburg’s city center. With the large urban development project - Harbour City, Hamburg is enlarging its city center to former harbor brown fields. Harbor City will offer an attractive mix of housing, office spaces, cultural institutions, parks and public spaces.

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The International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg 2013 continues the tradition of building exhibitions that begun in Germany more than a century ago. IBA Hamburg 2013 is an urban laboratory developing solutions for the cities of tomorrow in close cooperation with the citizens. The exhibition is taking place in the Elb islands Veddel and Wilhelmsburg situated south of the Harbour City in the geographical core of Hamburg.

It consists of three key themes:
“Cosmopolis”: How can we make use of an international and multicultural urban society and support the coexistence of different cultures?
“Metrozones”: The inner periphery of Hamburg is a patchwork of industrial zones, brown fields, infrastructure, housing areas, and natural and cultural landscapes. How can these different functions be developed next to another by finding solutions to solve conflicts between them?
“Cities and Climate Change“: The area of IBA 2013 has suffered from floods in the past. How can these quarters adapt to the risks of climate change and how can urban development support climate protection?

During the excursion several projects facing these key themes will be presented and visited like “Energy bunker”, “World quarter”, “climate houses”, “education center”.

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The International Gardening Exhibition IGS 2013. During the excursion we will be informed about projects like “In 80 Gardens Around the World” representing the variety of cultures on the Elb islands and ”Cultural landscapes around Hamburg” showcasing the richness of Hamburg’s surrounding areas. The excursion will mainly take place by bus with short walks. Experts from the agencies HafenCity GmbH, IBA Hamburg GmbH and IGS Hamburg 2013 GmbH will offer interesting insights to the projects.

For further information about the projects please visit the following websites:


The excursion will depart at 9.00 and the estimated ending time is at 15.00.

The meeting point to get on the bus:
St. Michaelis Kirche (big church)
Coming from the big street walk around the church to the opposite side
Englische Planke 1, 20459 Hamburg

The excursion is free of charge for all participants of NEW BRIDGES final conference and includes a lunch. Please let us know in advance if you are registered but you are unable to attend the excursion. The excursion language will be English.

For more information please contact:
Andreas Obersteg
Mob. +49(0)40428 274562